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Warmest thanks to everybody and your messages of support.

"I am so proud of your creativity and the force to DARE THINGS !"
Galina A.

" transmets à "mes" parents ASEP de Genève."
Luisa C.

"Your achievements so far for HPI children in Suisse is simply fantastic. Many thanks for the risks you both take and the successes already enjoyed! I will look forward to the year."
Hilary M.

"Thank you very much for your generosity of spirit, your time and clear enthusiasm.This time yesterday I was feeling alone, cornered, overwhelmed - in less than 24 hours our life has transformed.

I am looking forward to Edward spending time with you. He is experiencing relief just from reading your website today and being with you tonight. He is already asleep?! That's a record. Thank you both for being there for us."

Anne-Marie B.

"QUEL FANTASTIQUE PROJET ! BRAVO et BON VENT ! Je vais diffuser votre message/site au sein de notre entreprise."
Litasco SA Geneva (Lukoil oil Cie) - Direction de la Communication.

"This is just great news!!!! Congratulations!! It is really inspiring for us to see how passionately you pursued this wonderful cause and created literally a school from scratch!!
I am sure the parents and the students are delighted to have such a dedication and I am sure this will open up many opportunities for these kids that they had never thought of.
Again, BIG congratulations and we’ll be here to help you whenever you need."

P&G Headquarters Geneva - Community Consulting Charity.

"Congratulations for this new enterprise and great initiative and a lot of success for you and Anhugar !"
SITA Aero Geneva - Talent & Organisation Capability (T&OC)

"C’est vraiment super ce que vous faites. Je vous félicite et vous souhaite beaucoup de bonheur."
SunGard Headquarters Geneva - Dpt des Ressources Humaines.

"Félicitations pour tout cet investissement".
Etablissement d'enseignement privé Jeanne d'Arc - Gex

"I also enjoyed meeting you and your colleagues on Tuesday, and hope that we will have other opportunities to share. I announced this to our primary school staff...
Looking forward to another encounter before too long..."

International School of Geneva - Learning support Dpt.

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