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Science Workshops

Every Wednesday (except during Vaud school holidays), from 2 to 5pm, Anhugar association organises bilingual (English/French) scientific workshops for gifted children aged 5 to 15, members only.

Some Workshops are scheduled for the Juniors (5 to 9) : their activities are oriented towards discovery, construction and DIY or for the Seniors (10 to 15) : we give us a lot of room for debates and reflective activities on current topics.

Important : Children aged 9, 10 or 11 can choose the group they prefer.
These workshops are designed with the kind assistance of experts (DIY, gardening, biology, chemistry, geology, physics, etc.). We also participate in international projects. Early 2011, we took part in the worldwide water study ("Water, a Chemical Solution") organised by the IYC 2011. We learn about extra-curriculum topics, through theory and practice, with strong ties to sciences.
For more information on the workshops or to suggest new ideas, Please contact us by email or by phone: +41 (0) 78 953 84 50.

If your child has already been in one workshop you should have received a link to the Doodle website used for the reservations.
If it is not the case you can subscribe to our mailing list in the following link !

Wednesday Program

Dear parents
The workshops resume after the summer. Please find herebelow the  initial dates - these 4 workshops are organised by our partner 3S - Swiss Space System in our premises, We will update you when the entire first quarter's Schedule is finalised.

02 September 2015 : satellites
09 September 2015 : black holes
16 September 2015 : space debris
04 November 2015  : eclipses

The number of participants is limited! For more details, please contact us on
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