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How did Anhugar change / Influence your life ?
”I enjoy being in Anhugar. I am now happy. I have friends. I can learn not too easy nor too complicated things. I am allowed to discover”. Aurore (5)

“In Anhugar, we work hard and we learn loads. I don't know how they do it but my brain doesn't overfill; however when I think back in the evening, I know I have grown. They really look after us individually. We all get on with each other because we have small classes and every time there is a conflict, we talk through it. Even though I do the UK curriculum, I have learnt so much French that I am now the translator at home.” Edward (10)

“I love teachers who call you "my darling". Audrey is a teacher who repairs broken children.” Louane (6)

“Having no homework has changed my life, I can play with friends straight after school. In my previous school, when I raised my hands to answer a question, teachers screamed at me to let the other kids talk. I was also wrongly accused once, without proof, of having done something very bad.
They refused to listen to my logical explanation so I had headaches and stomachaches and could not go to school anymore. In Anhugar, we have a cat and I love it when she sits on my lap during the
maths class. Thank you!
Arthur (10)

“I am extremely happy in Anhugar. I am fighting hard to lose my old habits from previous schools (swear words,..). If Anhugar closed, I would have a deep depression again, this time for at least 3 years. All the adults are nice and treat you like a person, not like an insignificant object. I no longer feel like a computer on which teachers are trying to upload things with an incompatible software. In my previous school, I really wanted to die; in fact I was dead deep inside but now I am coming back to the world of the living.” Hugo (11)

“I am not scared anymore, I am more free, my headaches are gone. All teachers respect us deeply, they are not violent nor racist. You can talk to adults about anything on your mind. There never is any injustice. Teachers are all enthusiastic about all the suggestions we make. We can try, fail, build. I no longer feel that I spend my days in a dictatorship. We have no homework so we can live our child's life in the evening. If I did not have a fantastic grand-mother who had some money, I would not have been able to enroll in Anhugar and I would have had to go to a school for children with serious behavioral issues. My mother is alone with 4 kids and I did not want the family to be
ruined because of me”.
Eloi (13)

“I wanted to go to Anhugar to have a teacher who would listen and understand my differences and adapt to them. In Anhugar, there are only gifted children so I finally feel normal. I only get a sanction when I misbehave, which is normal but never when I do not understand an exercise. Audrey is the best teacher in the whole universe.“ Manon (7)

"If anyone asks me why my son goes to Anhugar instead of an international school my usual response is that "he can breathe there"  that he and we no longer have to squeeze his star shape through a round whole and amend his shape to fit. Instead he gets the chance to be his shape, emotionally, intellectually, socially. He can occupy his unique shape yet feel more normal amongst his peers even though there is not a common shape among them." Anne Marie

“In the 6 years during which my son schooled in the state system, no one ever identified why my son was not performing to his real potential and was ridden with failure anxieties. After 2 weeks in Anhugar, his teachers alerted us that they suspected he did not understand what he was reading and suggested that we see a specialist that they recommended. He was diagnosed with severe dys-syntaxia and his Anhugar teachers and the specialist worked together to help him. After 4 months in Anhugar, the progress is miraculous. He know understands what he reads, even complicated texts, and is overcoming his fear of failure.” Nathalie

“Anhugar fundamentally changed our family life. My children are now happy to go to school, and in the evening it takes time to convince them to leave Anhugar. My children have recovered their self-confidence and are engaged in all types of learning again. They do not suffer from intellectual self-mutilation any more and are encouraged to use their full potential.” Karine

"When dropping off my boys at Anhugar recently I was struck yet again by the contrast with previous experiences. The boys headed off cheerily without a hint of angst. The number of times I drove my son to school previously (...) his regular complaints of stomach aches or headaches on and before school days; of the growing stress as holidays came to an end and school loomed; of endless battles over homework (or inappropriate punishments); of a total lack of interest my son showed at his previous school in subjects such as science in which at home he was fascinated; of our experience of his hospitalization for school phobia/depression, and the total frustration of having a profoundly unhappy child and feeling we were not succeeding in helping him. (...) When we made the decision for him to go at Anhugar, it was as if a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders. We could see the change - a little boy who was finally showing signs of being able to be happy again, of gradually relearning the joys of being a child and the pleasure of learning. It has changed his life and ours.” Jonathon

“There were times in the past I had to physically carry my son to the door of his classroom in the traditional school or ask a teaching assistant to hold him so he didn't run straight back out of school. (...) Anhugar has provided hope to our children and others - and their families. It has given the children the opportunity to flourish that was proving so elusive in traditional structures. It has taken enormous passion and energy to get Anhugar to where it is today but the results, seen in the happiness and development of the children - shows it has been worth it.“ Emmanuelle

“My children are sleeping again and enjoy going to Anhugar. They are calm and relaxed when they come back from school. They reconnect to their potential and enjoy asking questions and being curious again”. Ludovic
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