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An Association & School in Switzerland
dedicated to intellectually gifted children,
in English or in French


Emmanuelle Derly, who created this project, invented the word "Anhugar" by combining bits of the names of her 3 children who inspired and supported her. Since 2011 and the association's set-up with the creation of the scientific workshops. Anhugar opened a full time school in April 2012 thanks to this original methodology in Switzerland, designed to help specifically intellectually gifted children.


Gifted children are emotionally, affectively and socially fragile. We estimate that they make up between 2 to 5% of the population. A number of them experience learning difficulties; however, reliable statistics are rare since there is little more than 10 years that public interest started about these different children.
Traditional school, with its linear ways of teaching, does not always know how to detect them nor how to care for them. We have created a teaching method which is specifically adapted to their type of intelligence and thinking.
Anhugar bases its teaching methodology on learning modules in line with the recommendations issued by the European Commission, through their Executive Agency for Education, Audiovisual and Culture (Eurydice, June 2006).  Our concept was invented and designed with the assistance of teachers, parents, psychologists and experts in several fields (science, literature, arts).

It is open to ALL gifted children, from the age of 4, anglophones or francophones, whatever their academic results. The objective is to help them regain trust in their abilities, avoid academic failure and regain interest in school.
If you are looking for an anglophone qualified psychologist
to do testing for giftedness in English, please
contact us !

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